Identity in Christ

Webster defines identity by:

the distinguishing character or personality of an individual

In the world today we have virtual identities all over the place. We have facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and linkedin just to name a few. Before we had that we had the start of social media before we even knew it had a name called MySpace. MySpace came around 2003, when you were 8. Google came around 1998 when you were 3.

You have grown up with social media in your face 24×7, and you probably couldn’t even imagine what the world was like before it.

On each of the websites we have an identity. It starts out as a profile pic, then we post what we like what we don’t like. And don’t forget about the games. Our virtual friends tell us what they like about our post and what we don’t like. For some people it’s a competition on who can get the most likes. For many we allow social media to shape our identity.

On this special day it seems appropriate to remind you of some important facts found in the bible.

First off, you were created in the image of God – Genesis 1:27

So as you leave today, accomplishing a major milestone in your life. I caution you not to let the world set your identity, because God has already done a great job of that. Instead open your bible daily, and let God point out to you, the identity he has already placed in you.